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April 2024
+ 385 99 711 96 96

PON - PET: 9:00 - 17:00


PDVP was established in Zagreb, in 2017, by Tehničko veleučilište u Zagrebu (Zagreb University of Applied Sciences) – TVZ and TVZ employees who are permanent expert witnesses. The unique composition of TVZ employees, who are experts in their specific fields, scientists and lecturers to new generations of experts, enables them, by association into the PDVP, to direct their expertise in the best possible way towards the development of activities of expert witnessing and valuing.

The PDVP founders and members shall, through their activities in the Republic of Croatia, endeavour to promote quality and science in the field of activities of expert witnessing and valuing, as well as professionalism and ethics in work. In addition to TVZ employees, the PDVP is, pursuant to its Statute, open to all expert witnesses and valuers who are experts in their profession and responsible persons in ethical terms.

The Polytechnic Association of Expert Witnesses and Valuers is a voluntary, non-governmental, impartial organisation, and it is active in the territory of the Republic of Croatia on a non-profit basis.

The objectives of the Association

  1. a
    • to gather experts of various professions with the task of developing and promoting the activities of expert witnessing and valuing, as well as forensics as tasks of specific expert witnessing;
    • to provide quality training to persons for performing tasks of expert witnessing, valuing and forensic work;
    • to provide advice in implementing procedures of expert witnessing and valuing;
    • to contribute to improve regulations on permanent expert witnesses and witnessing, valuers and valuing, as well as forensics and forensic experts as specific expert witnesses.


+ 385 99 711 96 96

The Association is managed by the following bodies

  1. Assembly
  2. President and Vice-president
  3. Secretary
  4. Executive Board
  5. Supervisory Board
  6. Court of Honour

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